Food & Wine

Our kitchen is presented by our chef Mickael Menard. The wine is proposed to you by our wine merchant Olivier Liberge.

The approach

We offer a fresh, simple and homemade cuisine around six starters, six dishes, six desserts and some suggestions of the day. Our map follows the rhythm of the winds, the rains and the sun! It is renewed very regularly except for certain irreducible … You will find traditional recipes with local colors, dishes of Antan in particular for the specialty of the chef (veal head sauce gribiche), original recipes of the fisherman, Butcher and the American (burger house).

Alongside these pretty recipes, our crispy vegetables carefully bred by our market gardener in Créances will give you taste of forgotten vegetables. The au gratin dauphinois and the mashed house of our chef will raise your taste buds.

Our wine merchant, Liberge Vins, offers you a walk around France: Alsace, Loire, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rhone, Beaujolais, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence … Almost 40 references with more than 30 references to the glass . Every month, a new wine is offered to discover new trends.

The chef

"I have been passionate about cooking since my earliest childhood and have been working as a cook under various responsibilities in many restaurants for nearly 15 years." Mickael Menard

La Tomette - Gérard Legruel

Our maraicher

Gérard Legruel provided Alain Passard, Trois Etoiles with the Michelin guide, the National Assembly, and all the great restaurants in the Normandy region ... He now supplies Mickael Menard, chef de la Tomette!

La Tomette - Olivier Liberge

Our caviste

Wholesaler of wines since 1989, he is an epicurean, passionate by the wine but also by the gastronomy and the encounters. His philosophy: "Wine is a cultural good, a quality criterion of life and the companion of man for millennia."